RENO, NV (KOLO) A couple of years ago we talked to Shari Lambert and her struggles with psoriasis.

The skin disorder could be found on her stomach, legs and arms. What was perhaps more distressing, people’s reaction to it.

They think it’s contagious,” says Shari. “For years I wore long sleeves. I mean 100 degrees outside, turtleneck to cover it all up,’ she says.

Psoriasis can appear anywhere on the body.

It is characterized by patchy itchy skin that is red and silver in color.

It is not contagious.

While there have been some advancements in treatment since we interviewed Shari….the exact cause and cure of the skin disorder are still not known.

“It is not completely proven,” says Dr. Cindy Lamerson, a dermatologist with the Nevada Center for Dermatology. “But there are these proteins that your body starts to recognize in bacteria or any external stimuli. And they start to recognize it and start to attack it. And then they make the immune system go up. And really get revved up,” says Dr. Lamerson.

While researchers are still looking for an exact cause and cure, they have discovered gum disease may contribute to Psoriasis.

For years we’ve known gum disease and the inflammation of blood vessels that follow can contribute to heart disease.

“And so it is not surprising that Psoriasis would be associated with this as well,” says Dr. Lamerson.

Dr. Lamerson says it is great to have data that can help Psoriasis patients make good choices; like following guidelines for good dental care.

That includes regular flossing and a brushing which can ward off gum disease and tooth decay and keep Psoriasis inflammation from getting worse.