New treatment coming for excessive sweating

  RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – The heat is on. But for patients with hyperhidrosis, it’s not just heat that makes them sweat. It can be under any condition. “I notice it in the winter and the summer. Even when I am cooled and I have goose bumps and I’m still sweating,” says Sarah Bajenski, a hyperhidrosis […]

Vampire Facelift

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Sensitive skin products need a second look

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) In a trip down the grocery store aisle, you’ll have no trouble finding skin care products that offer something for the eczema patient, the person with sensitive skin, or something that is fragrance-free. Michelle McAndrew says she’s been fighting skin rashes caused by products nearly her whole life. “It is just kind of […]

A Shot Glass of Sunscreen Does the Body Good!

It’s a quiet day at the Sparks Marina, where a handful of families are sitting on the beach and swimming in the water. Many were more than happy to show us their sunscreen. Erin Cotter watches it all from the concession stand. She says it’s easy to tell who wears sunscreen and who does not […]

May is Melanoma awareness month

May is Melanoma awareness month | KOLO 8 RENO, Nev (KOLO) A makeshift Tiki lounge is set up at the Nevada Center for Dermatology. You can hear Bob Marley in the waiting room. It’s all in recognition of Melanoma Month, and the reggae star is the poster boy for this deadly disease. “It ended up […]

Carter Brings Awareness To Melanoma

Carter Brings Awareness To Melanoma | KOLO 8 RENO, NV – Jimmy Carter’s recent announcement that cancer has spread to his brain took most people off guard. Especially when you consider the cancer started as a melanoma, or skin cancer. How can something outside the body make its way to internal organs is explained by […]

Dangers of Indoor Tanning

Dangers of Indoor Tanning | KOLO 8 SPARKS, Nev. — Sun-kissed or sun-damaged? It’s no secret that time in the sun is dangerous for our bodies, but is tanning indoors any safer? Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and it’s now affecting a younger age group. Sun lamps […]

High UV Level for Reno

High UV Level for Reno | KOLO 8 RENO, NV – High UV levels for the Reno area have dermatologists urging people to take precautions. The UV level for Wednesday was considered unusually high. Dr. Billie Casse of Nevada Center for Dermatology said avoiding the sun during peak hours is important. If you can’t avoid […]