Dangers of Indoor Tanning

Dangers of Indoor Tanning | KOLO 8 SPARKS, Nev. — Sun-kissed or sun-damaged? It’s no secret that time in the sun is dangerous for our bodies, but is tanning indoors any safer? Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and it’s now affecting a younger age group. Sun lamps […]

High UV Level for Reno

High UV Level for Reno | KOLO 8 RENO, NV – High UV levels for the Reno area have dermatologists urging people to take precautions. The UV level for Wednesday was considered unusually high. Dr. Billie Casse of Nevada Center for Dermatology said avoiding the sun during peak hours is important. If you can’t avoid […]

The Beauty Of Botox

The Beauty Of Botox | KOLO 8 RENO, NV – What do a certain medical assistant, a Reno mom, and a 91 year old man have in common? They all use Botox. “Everybody puts in their mind Botox is something people do to get rid of wrinkles and stuff. I don’t want to get rid […]

New Tanning Bed Regulations Likely

New Tanning Bed Regulations Likely | KOLO 8 This is the busy time of year for Sunsation. A tanning facility in Sparks, the owner says after a long winter, many are working on a base tan for the summer. Teens she says want to look good for prom or graduation, but they just can’t come […]

Sunscreen vs. Vitamin D

Sunscreen vs. Vitamin D | KOLO 8 When do you most likely wear sunscreen? On warm summer days, or in the winter where you stay good and bundled up. For Debbie Moberly, it was constant. “No. It was never an option,” says Debbie A couple of years back, Debbie was diagnosed with osteopenia, that’s a […]

Flexible Spending Cards May Not Face Year-End Deadline

Flexible Spending Cards May Not Face Year-End Deadline | KOLO 8 RENO, NV – Many of us likely have a lot of things to finish by the end of the year: financial contributions to retirement accounts, even charitable donations. If you have a medical Flexible Spending Account, you may think it has to be depleted […]

New Sunscreens: How Much For Protection?

New Sunscreens: How Much For Protection? | KOLO 8 RENO, NV – At the Truckee River Monday afternoon, it didn’t take long to find people using sunscreen. Even the smallest swimmers re-applied sunscreen after spending time in the water. We talked to a group of friends here to find out when they used sunscreen, and […]

Spring Skiing Skin Safety

Spring Skiing Skin Safety | KOLO 8 RENO, NV – Getting to the top of the hill didn’t take much time at Mt. Rose on Tuesday. It’s the end of the season and conditions are described as “spring like.” “Conditions are absolutely fabulous. They groomed it nicely. All you need is wax,” says Joe Kay, […]

Who Should Get The Shingles Vaccine?

Who Should Get The Shingles Vaccine? | KOLO 8 It’s a rash that looks innocent enough; a couple of years ago nurse Cindy Powers developed something similar around her trunk. With her medical knowledge she knew she had to take action. “Slight itching on my waist; it proceeded to start burning and the burn went […]

New Sunscreen Labels

New Sunscreen Labels | KOLO 8 Updated: Tue 9:28 AM, Apr 30, 2013 It doesn’t take much sun and heat for those in Northern Nevada to come out and soak up some rays. At Rock Park on Monday, people had bathing suits on, and were laying out in the sun. Its only going to get […]