RENO, Nev (KOLO) For years, the Nevada Center for Dermatology helped patients find answers to their acne, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema problems.

As time has gone on, more effective treatments have come on the market.

While that’s all great news, for patients like Ariana Kukulica, treatment is tougher than it sounds.

“So going through a pharmacy normally is so hard,” says Ariana. “Because sometimes you need a prior authorization. Your insurance doesn’t cover it. And it is just too much work to try and go to a pharmacy and actually get it,” she says.

Her story is not unique.

Dermatologist Dr. Cindy Lamerson says a diagnosis is great. Effective treatment is better. But it does no good when the patient cannot access that treatment for a host of reasons.

“You know people come in and you diagnose them,” says Dr. Lamerson. “Then you prescribe medication. If they can’t get their prescription filled, then why are they coming in? Why are we even here?” she asks.
“You know we are here to help them. And the way the systems have changed they have tied our hands,” says Lamerson.

One pharmaceutical company is hoping to fill the gap, at least for dermatology, plastic surgery, or medical spa patients.

The company compounds topicals, gels and foams with effective medications that treat some skin conditions.

Only instead of picking the prescription up at a pharmacy, the medications are dispensed at the doctor’s office at the time of check out.

“It is also less expensive,” says Megan Gilmore, Prescriber’s Choice associate consultant. “These medications are not covered by insurance currently. And that is because they are far less than the average co-pay,” she says.

Cost is just one way Prescriber’s Choice is helping patients and their doctors fill prescriptions and get the treatment they need.

There is no preauthorization, there is no waiting in line for a prescription at a pharmacy.

Patients can get the medication that works for them as opposed to one the insurance company wants to pay for.

For physicians, staff can work on patient care, rather than spending hours with insurance companies.

In Nevada to participate physicians must have a pharmacy distribution license issued by the Nevada Board of Pharmacy.